Astro Assets: Palette Presents

Posted by Anonymous on Thu, 12/18/2014 - 12:00 AM

Astro Assets Palette Presents 

Looking for the perfect gift for that certain someone? Its a sign you are here, because you are at the right place! Find their astrological sign and you'll see, we will make it easy for you to find the perfect gift for them. 


Scorpio is an exceptional sign of the Zodiac, so of course, those whose birthdays coincide with it deserve exceptional gifts – especially at holiday time. That’s where Exceptional – Because You Are Eyeshadow and Lip Gloss Palette I comes in handy.

S is for Sagittarius, a sign that’s known for being stylish and chic. A holiday gift that’s hits the target for this archer would bePupa Haute Couture Palette A Porter (Red Mix) #01 Bon Ton Shades . 

Capricorns can be pretty artistic when they put their minds to it. Finding the perfect present is simple to create if you just grab a hold of Christian Dior 5 Color Designer All In Artistry Palette No. 008 Smoky Design  .

A is Aquarius, and as a water-bearing sign they just go with the flow. With inspiring hues that include a shade of blue, Guerlain Ecrin 6 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette #29 Rue de Sevres is a gift that rocks refreshing.

No need to go fishing for the ideal present for Pisces. This sign is an idealist and compassionate, so they dream of having it all – and deserve it. Clinique All in One Colour Palette offers just that with 1x face powder, 1x blusher, 4x eyeshadow, 1x mascara and 5x lip colors.

Dynamic and energetic, Aries always charges forward on adventurous journeys. Beauty-wise that means Lancome Magic Voyage Lip & Eye Palette  is our product pick for this sign with its spell-bounding 6x eyeshadows, 3x lip colors and 2x applicator.

Taurus is one of the most driven signs of the Zodiac, so it’s no surprise having plenty of goals to strive for is important to them. They also like lots of beauty choices, so  Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Palette #05 Violet   is a dream come true for them.

The twin nature of Gemini means they enjoy everything in two’s so their experience is always twice as nice. A present they would find perfect is no doubt Stila Pocket Palette Lip Gloss Compact Quad No. 2 .

Cancer is an emotional sign but those born under it always remains calm, cool and collected. Speaking of smooth, a gift for them that will keep on giving is  Pure Color 5 Color Lip Palette #01 Extravagant.

Brave and regal just like a lion, Leo loves ruling the scene and shining in the spotlight. Here’s where Jane Iredale Artists’ Eyes Eye Shadow Palette with six illuminating shades becomes the super gift to give and to get.

Organization and knowing all the details are two things Virgos can’t be without. A present that’s perfect for this beauty is Kevyn Aucoin The Lip & Cheek Palette Pink complete with 3x lipgloss, 1x cream blush and 1x lipstick.

Libras are very sociable and outgoing. They enjoy spending time mixing and mingling especially during the holidays. To help keep their pretty eyes on the prize, give them  Nars Hanamichi Eyeshadow Palette.