A Man's Guide to Fragrance: How to Choose Cologne Based On Your Personality

Posted by Eautalk on Thu, 07/21/2016 - 6:12 PM

Listen up boys, put down the deodorant body spray. No really, it’s time for an upgrade! Fortunately, with the infinite number of men’s cologne available, selecting a favorite is as simple as knowing your personality type.

For the classic man: give Givenchy’s Gentleman a spritz. Launched in 1974, Gentleman contains top notes of tarragon and cinnamon and base notes of Russian leather. The bold and elegant cologne’s heart consists of patchouli and vetiver for a woodsy, “man’s man” fragrance.

If you’re more of a free spirit: Yuzu Man by Caron is the perfect cologne to keep ying and yang in balance. Opening up with hints of Japanese Yuzu and rounded out with Australian Sandalwood, Indonesian Basil, and Indian Verbena, Yuzu Man is a fresh, citrusy, and earthy scent.

Ever been called a hipster? For the quintessential cool guy: try Le Male Terrible by Jean Paul Gaultier. Le Male Terrible begins with a fresh bite of grapefruit and pink pepper; bitter yet inviting like the sexiest of cool guys. The fragrance then opens up to a middle of lavender and finishes with a strong base of vanilla and vetiver that will definitely have ladies coming back for a second smell.

If you spend your days in the board room: Creed Aventus is what you'll want to use to make an impression. It's a casual fragrance with black currant, French apples, Italian bergamot, royal pineapple with Moroccan jasmine and dry birch.