Apple-picking officially kicks off fall for this family

Posted by Anonymous on Mon, 09/12/2011 - 7:37 PM

Apple picking in the fallThis past weekend I took my kids apple picking and I noticed a familiar and comforting smell ... crisp air, falling leaves and the sweet smell of the fall harvest. Obviously, fall is just around the corner.

The beginning of fall means a few important events for our family. For one, football season begins, and I lose my normally healthy husband and son to nachos, chicken wings and beer (for the husband of course). Our wardrobe gets a makeover as we exchange our shorts and sandals for sweaters and boots. Plus we await shorter days and longer nights.

While this may be a dreaded transition for some, for my family, each season is its own celebration. For us, the warm smells of cinnamon and apple, the comfort of our favorite scarves, the great cozy nights by the fire playing board games, and the deep rich colors of crimson and gold are magical.

In my motherly effort to embrace the season, the citronella candles are switched out for warm scented candles, the flourescent nail polish is switched to darker, bolder colors and the flowery fragrances are replaced with my favorite orientals and greens.

Happy fall to all!

(Patti K. is's vice president of business development. She has been with the company for almost seven years. Patti believes in love at first sight -- it's how she met her husband and how she feels about her two kids.)

New at L'Eau De Kenzo Amour perfume

Posted by Anonymous on Thu, 09/08/2011 - 6:05 PM

This is one cool bottle of perfume, which has become a staple of Kenzo fragrances. Make sure you don't mistake the bottle itself for Hypnotic or some other exotic drink. This is all perfume, ladies.

L'Eau De Kenzo Amour is another of Kenzo's love potions, following on the heels of Kenzo Amour. This 2011 version has its own personality, though, with a sparkly opening of bergamot and orange accented by tea notes, frangipani, heliotrope, tanaka wood, musk and vanilla.

L'Eau De Kenzo Amour strikes a wonderful balance between musky, exotic and sensual, much like its predecesor Amour.

I give credit to the Kenzo brand, which draws its fragrance inspiration from exotic lands and people of all walks of life.

Indulge in green fragrances before the cold sets in

Posted by Anonymous on Wed, 09/07/2011 - 3:12 PM

Creed Irisia perfumeIt won't be too long until the landscape for most of the country becomes brown and drab again. As summer fades into fall, we will begin to lose sight of the vibrant greens that so define the season of the sun. And because we don't want to rush summer off too soon, we're dedicating this blog entry to green summer fragrances. Besides, won't you miss that smell of fresh-cut grass?

Green notes include everything from green tea accord to cucumber and violets. Often, green notes are blended with fruity florals to create a refreshing fragrance, the scent equivalent to a fine sauvignon blanc from New Zealand's Marlborough region.

The following are some of our favorite green fragrances (for men and women).


Marc Jacobs Grass: The name on this one pretty much gives it away. This invigorating perfume smells of fresh-mowed grass and soft woods. Jacobs has successfully taken the essence of a summer morning and stored it in a bottle. And like any summer morning, Marc Jacobs Grass is brimming with possibilities. The designer also makes Marc Jacobs Cucumber, Marc Jacobs Basil and Marc Jacobs Gardenia.

Creed Irisia: Irisia is a timeless classic fragrance for women. Wearing Irisia is like taking a walk through a secret garden filled with tuberose, violets, bergamot and the stunning iris, which is this perfume's highlight green accord.

Usher UR: UR cologne gets its green-ness from its herbal notes of basil and bay oil. These refreshing accords are layered over spicier notes of guaiac wood, cashmere wood and sandalwood.

Demeter Fragrance Library: Demeter has rolled out a collection of fragrances that mimic everything from the smell of homegrown tomatoes to ripe cucumbers. Demeter's mission is to create fragrances inspired by real life everyday objects and experiences. There's even one called Poison Ivy.

Estee Lauder Aliage: Aliage, Estee Lauder's sports fragrance for women, opens with a blast of jasmine and cool citrus, giving it an invigorating, vibrant green opening.

A Scent by Issey Miyake: According to the Issey Miyake Website, A Scent is a feminine perfume inspired by pure fresh air. Heart notes of hyacinth and galbanum are accented by verbena and jasmine. Does it get much greener than that?

Aramis Devin: Devin cologne by Aramis is the green machine. This fragrance gets its green on early with opening notes of rich herbs and citrus, followed by intense spices of incense and patchouli.

Eau de Reglisse by Caron: Both the men's and women's fragrances contain green notes, but Eau de Reglisse perfume blends in a little more of nature's best with herbal notes of basil, lemon verbena and nutmeg.
LaCoste Essential: This men's cologne was created with a special time-release technology so that the fresh citrus accord lasts all day. Other green notes include tomato leaves and cassis, making LaCoste Essential cologne a unique and satisfying summer scent.

CK Truth by Calvin Klein: The heart of CK Truth men's cologne is watery greens, flanked and enhanced by fresh herbs of basil and cardamom. The green accords are everpresent, even through the woodsy drydown, intertwining nature and masculinity.