6 Scents to Inspire Your Inner Athlete

Posted by Anonymous on Tue, 10/07/2014 - 12:00 AM

Inspiration is defined as an influence that pushes one to strive in the act of creation.

For many athletes, that inspiration can be a scent alone: a fall breeze rolling across a green field, chlorine clinging to humid air, sweet sweat bouncing off of rubber mats, even fresh asphalt.

Or it can be one of these 6 perfumes known to lure out the inner athlete in pursuit of stylish greatness.


Adidas Fruity Rhythm for the Runner  Running is all about the art of rhythm; take two steps (one with your right foot and one with the left) while breathing in and two steps (again, one with your right foot and one with your left) while breathing out. The fresh and energetic notes of Adidas Fruity Rhythm find themselves swirling in a steadfast pattern even beginning runners can get on course with; blackcurrant and raspberry round the sharp edges of cyclamen and freesia that jostle off the calming complexities of sandalwood and musk.


Ocean Pacific for the Swimmer Not every swimmer is lucky enough to train in tropical locales, to be honest, it’s typically all about indoor plunges at aquatic centers than dips in turquoise waters that kiss white sands. But for the swimmer who can’t help but to fantasize about breast stroking her through an exotic adventure there’s Ocean Pacific, featuring notes of violet and magnolia combined with water lily and hibiscus.


Puma I Am Going for the Cyclist  For the lady whose pulse rate is at 66 when multi-ton cars and trucks are tearing along in front, alongside and coming up behind her; there’s Puma I Am Going. Blooming with powerful floral notes of freesia, rose, and jasmine, wrapped in the tart sweetness of pear, tangerine and pineapple, this scent without a doubt embodies the cyclist who has no problem staking her claim on the bike path and making her presence known in a blur of fluorescent spandex.  


Ralph Lauren Wild for the Cross Fitter   You work out in a "box," not a gym. You can't remember the last time you did a bicep curl or a bicycle crunch. You know 27 different ways to use a kettlebell. So yeah, not any old powdery, musky, perfume is going to cut it for a crossfitter like you. You need something that will invigorate your senses, something like Ralph Lauren Wild, with its crisp fruity notes of strawberries and watermelon clashing against strong floral notes of cherry blossom and red rose petals.


Fujiyama Green for the Yogi  The ultimate goal of Yoga is moksha (liberation) of the body and the mind. It just so happens the tranquil notes found in Fujiyama Green can lend to an overall sense of pure conscious, beyond any attachment or aversion. Bay leaves, green tea, sweet florals, and sweet woods draw the yogi’s attention to a focus without seeming overwhelming.