6 Products To Simplify Your Life

Posted by Anonymous on Wed, 05/23/2012 - 5:07 PM

Why complicate things when you can simply simplify them? If your beauty regimen is more than 10 minutes in the morning, you need to simplify yourself with these 6 beauty products that do the work for you, not the other way around.

First off, your hair. If you’re like me and have to shower at night because a full head of locks takes seemingly forever to dry, pump and infuse your hair with it’s a 10 miracle daily conditioner before you head to bed. This leave in conditioner will work miracles while you rest and get that beauty sleep. It will make your hair smooth, frizz free, and smell amazing in the morning.  A hair fuss free morning will cut down your ‘get ready’ time drastically, so now you have to style your hair if you choose to!

How about that face? Do you use concealer then liquid foundation than powder and blush and…and…and. Stop layering your makeup, especially for the summer season. Try Stila's eye concealer and Stila’s SPF 30 Oil Free tinted moisturizer in the tone that matches your skin tone best. This tinted moisturizer provides a medium coverage, greater than any other tinted moisturizer I’ve seen, and gives a beautiful, natural make up look that we all want to achieve.

Next, in case you are in a hurry, always carry a vial of perfume in your bag for those ‘gotta go’ moments. Nothing is worse than leaving the house with only the fragrance of your deodorant, yah? Get yourself a vial of your favorite scent so you can smell heavenly all the time!

For Feet’s Sake, your feet have feelings too! Not really, but we know how it feels to have those blistery, hot feet from those oh so hot heels that don’t just fit right but we just HAD to wear them! Am I right with this one? Throw this refreshing spa foot & leg spray in your bag, the blend of tea tree and mint mist on your toe-sy’s will give you that cool, calm, refreshed feeling we all beg for after a long day of heel-wearing.

Lastly, simplify your day and de-stress yourself with a lovely lavender and vanilla essential candle. They come in all shapes and sizes and burn for 20-90 hours, depending on which candle you choose. This timely fragrance is perfect for simplifying yours, mine, and every one’s life, honest.