4 Scary Fragrances for Boo-tiful Halloween

Posted by Anonymous on Wed, 10/22/2014 - 12:00 AM

Trick or treat? When it comes to scary fragrances fit for Halloween, we’ve got a bit of both. They aren’t scary in the sense of smell, of course, but some of their names might inspire a little bit of fear. While the aromas are as inviting as a good witch, the bad witch in you will love them too. Because these scents captivate, and may even haunt, all of your admirers into spellbinding submission. So let’s get going on these goodies.

Christian Dior is a designer with a loyal following enraptured by what’s fashionable, and Hypnotic Poison is one feminine fragrance we favor. With a strong scent of jasmine and lower tones of amber, almond and woods, it’s easy to see why people would rather live with the scent of “danger” than die without it.

Now you see it, now you don’t. Floating figures abound on All Hallows Eve, and enticing aromas can remain in a room long after you’ve left – if you’re wearing Apparition by Ungaro . A combination of passion flower, tonka bean, rose, patcholi, raspberry and heliotrope leave an inviting scent for all to enjoy.

So many horror films have you on the edge of your set with suspense and bloodshed. We may not be huge fans of the genre, but we do find Bloody Orange by Alice & Peter  perfume that offers a similar adrenaline rush – sans the slashing – with elevating aromas of spices, carrot and orange.

What’s scarier than creatures of the night? Creatures of the night in the moonlight. Nighttime is the right time for fright, and also enchanting fragrance. Ghost Moonlight by Tanya Sarne  features seductive aromas of bergamot and ginger blended with pink peony, lily of the valley and amber, among others.