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Winter months are the months of dry skin, dry hair, and not to mention dry throats and noses that cause colds and even upper respiratory infections for those with lowered immune systems. At the beginning of each winter (cold & flu season) my doctor begins reminding me constantly to run humidifiers at home. If you have a large house or one with an unusual shape with lots of turns and twists, it helps to have 2-3 to even 4 going at once. It helps to have a humidifier in each bedroom for nighttime running. This helps alleviate stuffy noses as well as adding moisture to your skin because the heat run in a home is extremely drying. It is best to find humidifiers that work with the Vicks Vaposteam solution as this puts off an eucalyptus scent, which opens the sinus cavities making it easier to breath but also adding extra moisture to the nose, throat, and eyes as well as the skin. When not using eucalyptus, add heavily scented candles such as New Barn, and Bath &a

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Skin care Tip by Paise

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My favorite cologne no question. Fragrance last all day no lie. Top 5 Best Colognes I have ever used.

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Review of Jean Paul Gaultier by johnnyjav