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Sorry guys, As much as we'd LOVE a perfect world, your Pores DON'T open n close like garage doors.(example.. Splash cold water to "close pores" and "prevent Blackheads") Unfortunately, Products can only make the pores "appear" smaller, and keep the skin CLEAN and well Exfoliated to help prevent sebum, dead skin and debris from clogging pores. GREAT TIP: Even if you have oily, congested skin, dont forget to MOISTURIZE! (with an OIL FREE Product) Your skin will back off on its oil productivity when it isnt "Moisture-starved"

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Skin care Tip by Masterskinandmakeup

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Wow... I just can say AMAZIN, this scent smells so good, its a really special long lasting small, not too strong, I can wear it all day long in any occasion, good purchase and great value, I just re-order it ┬┤cause it is almost finish off, Im completely in love with it.

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Review of Dolce & Gabbana Intenso by Rene Olivera

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