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If you are trying to achieve youthful, fresh, glowing skin, this is the tip for you! First cut about about an inch down from the top of a tomato. Be sure to cut the side with the stem!!! You will use this as to apply the mix. You use a tomato because it has antioxidants and will leave your skin rejuvenated. Mix a half a cup of sugar and 2 TBL. spoons of salt. Add a TBL. spoon of thin honey. Add a squeeze of lemon juice. If the mix is too thick add a bit of baby oil. This will soften your skin. Mix it up, then dip the tomato top in the mix. Use the stem to hold it. Before applying to skin wash your face with warm water. Apply mix to face, or whole body using a circular motion. Leave on for a few minutes. Rinse off using cool water to seal your pores.I hope you try this!!! It is amazing!

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Skin care Tip by aj

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This is a soft, clean fragrance, not sure how long it will last since I haven't done much more than smell the product when it arrived. I only purchased a small bottle to round out order so the shipping would be free. I like the smell very much and will probably at some point order a larger bottle.

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Review of Loves Baby Soft