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With any Fragrance; try applying these to your "Hot Spots" The first (believe it or not) is your shoulders, then your chest. The wrist area and behind the ears are pulse areas. And do not hold a fragrance as long. Also use an oil, like olive oil, or vegetable oil on the area you'll be spraying or applying your fragrances. These helps the staying power by an hour or two. It works especially well with Natural Scents or a Solid Perfume. Try not to use mineral oil or Vaseline. These are drying and are not good for your skin. With the added Natural Oil- You'll really notice any Fragrance lasting longer!

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Fragrances Tip by Debbee

Customer Reviews

Michael Korsakov 'Wonderlust' was my favourite purchase when visiting USA from Australia. Beautiful scent that I wore everyday. The scent is subtle but noticeable and I felt great wearing it.

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Review of Michael Kors Wonderlust by Kerry McVeigh