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Since winter air is cold and humidity levels are low, try an oil-based moisturizer. The more oil a moisturizer contains the more effectively it protects against moisture loss. The oil will actually create a barrier on your skin that will retain more moisture than creams. It is also important to shed wet clothes and shoes immediately as these can irritate the skin.

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Skin care Tip by Toni Anne

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I've been wearing this perfume for over 10 years. It's the only one I wear. And I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS get compliments on it. Men (strangers) will come up to me and ask what it is so they can buy it for their wife/girlfriend. It is a strong scent, but oh so lovely. It's not flowery or sweet or light yet it's a perfume that I wear 24/7 and I never tire of it. (I just read that someone else reviewed this and said it smells fruity/flowery ... hmmm, that is NOT how it smells on me. But with any perfume, it does give off a different fragrance, depending on who it wearing it ... I guess it mingles with your body chemistry!)

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Review of Burberry Brit by Faith