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Beauty Tips

When purchasing your favorite scent try to find scents that is accomodated with body wash and body lotion. Your perfume/cologone will last much longer. You will be able to layer it! I always take a good shower before applying any type of perfume. To layer: Use the fragranced body wash,then dry off completely. Lightly lotion your body and then spray the scent behind your ears, neck forearm and back of legs. Remember to consider the strength of the cologne as some colognes and perfumes are stronger than others and you don't want to offend anyone nor set off any ones allergies. Also, remeber that men and women apply cologne/perfumes differently!

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Fragrances Tip by Lee

Customer Reviews

I have wanted this perfume for the longest time and couldn't find it for a good price anywhere until I discovered this site. One of my favorites and I get complimented every time I wear it!!

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Review of Vera Wang Princess by Suzana