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Vi har alla en speciell trick som vi använder när tillämpa makeup eller ta hand om våra hår. Några av oss linje våra lådor med doftande papper, fortfarande andra rave om fördelarna med hemgjord socker scrubs. Dela din spets med oss idag!

The best scrub in the world to give yourself a moisturised, clean body is - to use brown sugar with baby oil in your shower. Alternative is to use white sugar add in your palm with some baby oil..you will get your baby smoothest skin back...its the cheapest scrub but so amazing!! TRY IT!! ^_^ best way to treat your beautiful body ***

Skin care tip
By Christine
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Since winter air is cold and humidity levels are low, try an oil-based moisturizer. The more oil a moisturizer contains the more effectively it protects against moisture loss. The oil will actually create a barrier on your skin that will retain more moisture than creams. It is also important to shed wet clothes and shoes immediately as these can irritate the skin.

Skin care tip
By Toni Anne
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Cleansing, toning, moisturizing your face twice a day are the bare essentials against aging. Choose products according to your skin type; i.e. dry, oily or combination, & do it morning & evening. Other skin care products include facial scrubs, mud masks, eye gels, and specialized products for wrinkle/scar/age spots treatment.... Use scrubs mud masks only once a week if your skin is dry, and twice a week if oily or combination. Use scrubs GENTLY, mud masks after cleansing the skin, before the shower. Always use a moisturizer before applying a foundation and do not sleep with your make-up on. Cotton swabs (for toners - do NOT drench) are applied upward, while with make-up, brush strokes are applied downward. With eye gels/creams, use sparingly and apply with your ring finger (weakest) on the bone along the eye socket to over and around the eye.

Skin care tip
By Havana
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If you suffer from dry feet try 100% pure petroleum jelly. Each night before bed apply liberally to your feet and then cover with socks. Scrub your feet with a pumice stone only once a week.

Skin care tip
By Natalia
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Having a problem with dry skin? My tip is to put a couple drops of baby oil into your body wash as well as into your body lotion.

Skin care tip
By Joanna
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Although my nails are pretty healthy and strong, I have horribly dry and peeling cuticles. I have used several different cuticle oils bought in the salon. While they have all worked well, they can be quite expensive and do not typically last long if used daily. However, I have found a much cheaper alternative that works just as well. Mix 3 parts of extra virgin olive oil and 1 part of sweet almond oil. Rub this mixture into your nails, cuticles and nail beds at least twice a day.

Skin care tip
By Aimee W.
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Always, Always, wash your makeup off before going to bed at night.

Skin care tip
By Anonym
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Put essential oils and flower petals in a dish of steaming hot water to steam your pores.

Skin care tip
By Anonym
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What works for me is to exfoliate the skin, this gently scrubs away dirt, and it keeps the pores clean and. I like to use an apricot scrub. Then I use a light moisterizer so my skin doesn't dry out. My skin feels clean, and my skin is always clear, and soft.

Skin care tip
By Donna
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For Soft and Pretty feet! Use a pumice rock on the soles and a sugar scrub or exfoliant on the top to prepare your feet. For winter months or severely dry feet use an intensive hand cream. All of these creams last 24 hours if you rub them in well. And after 1 or two weeks, you can use the pumice rock only when needed. Don't forget to polish your toes.

Skin care tip
By Dana
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