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Tots tenim un truc especial que utilitzem quan l'aplicació de maquillatge o preocupant-se per al nostre cabell. Alguns de nosaltres línia nostres calaixos amb paper perfumades, encara altres deliren sobre els beneficis de sucre casolana matolls. Compartir seva punta amb nosaltres avui!

Here’s a quick candle tip or two--put your votives in the freezer -- they will last twice as long and won't drip. For candle in glass, when they are down to their last inch, pop that in the freezer too. Then, you can take a fork to it and the wax pops right out. Add glamour and warmth to your home with the warm golden glow of candles. Candlelight can be used to softly lighten a dark space, provide romance, decorate a table and hearth. They are also great for lining the tub. Please enjoy your candles BUT keep safety in mind!

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By Dianna S.
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Do you ever find yourself getting a little lazy, tired or sleepy in the afternoons? Well then, if you're looking for a quick pick me up instead of reaching for a candy bar, pop or a cup of coffee, just dab on or spritz on some of your favorite perfume! Works like a charm! And best of all, it's caffeine free with no calories!

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By Sandy in Chicago
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To keep your nail polish usuable as the first time you opened it. Keep it in the refrigerator. I keep mine in a plastic container w/lid. I use it to the very last without ever adding a thinner or discarding an almost full bottle.

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By Miss D
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If you come home tired and your feet ache, try using Epsom salt in your tub. It works like a charm. It makes your skin and nails look good too.

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By J from Ga.
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When stretching your dollars, you are wise to choose products that accomplish more than one task. A hair and body gel not only gets your hair squeaky clean, it can be used on your body as well. So instead of buying a separate body wash and shampoo, you get two for the price of one.

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By enk
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A smile always makes you more attractive;so here is my tip: when picking a red shade of lipstick,stay away from blue undertones (i.e. cherry red,bright red)if you have less-than-perfect skin, it will show every imperfection. A little bit of chapstick will create an even texture to your lips so application is easier. also if you wear neutral listick/gloss use a clear/neutral lipliner to prevent bleeding,which makes you look older. peace =)

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By treschicbeauty
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Before shaving legs, apply hair conditioner to legs not soap.

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By Suzanne
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For fast drying polished nails, apply thin coat of oil to top. Dries super fast.

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By Anònim
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Ofertes de perfums, Colònia i fragàncies són només el començament. va ser creat per proporcionar als consumidors a escala mundial amb ràpid, excepcional, qualitat, servei. Ens dediquem a l'inventari més gran d'espelmes, la cura del cabell, cura de la pell, aromateràpia i més als preus més baix possible. Venedors top de actual són cool water, aqua di gio, dolce and gabbana light blue, coty. Li lliurarem el seu perfum favorit a la seva porta oferint lliure Estats Units d'enviament per a comandes anteriors $59.00 Només portem el nom de marca genuí perfums i colònies als millors preus barats baix possible. Absolutament cap imitacions o knock-offs. Subscriure's al nostre butlletí de notícies i nosaltres li enviarem l'exclusiva Cupons de Perfum. Comentaris dels clients sobre perfum, Colònia, cura de la pell i perfums de celebritat l'ajudarà a escollir la que més li convingui millor fragància. ha estat en línia des de 1997.