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Tots tenim un truc especial que utilitzem quan l'aplicació de maquillatge o preocupant-se per al nostre cabell. Alguns de nosaltres línia nostres calaixos amb paper perfumades, encara altres deliren sobre els beneficis de sucre casolana matolls. Compartir seva punta amb nosaltres avui!


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The correct and best way to wear perfume: put it on the warmer zones of your body: breast, neck, shoulders, ears. Stay out from the metals like jewelry and accessories, it makes the perfume and scent so acid. Put some on the hair, on the ends if is long and on the roots if its short. Take care of your perfume bottle for a long lasting scent conservation, the light and hot damage the scent. you will smell great for more time and you'll take the most from all the notes of your perfume!

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By marie g.
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Since your sense of smell is not as sharp in the winter as it is in the summer -heat increases the impact of a scent - choose a winter fragrance from categories such as the chypre scents, which tend toward the woody and mossy aromas like pine (ahh that great smell of a Christmas tree!). Bid adieu to the light, fruity and floral scents that are perfect for the warmer months, and welcome the heavier, spicier scents that harmonize with the cooler days and nights.

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By Audrey R.
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I just love to spray perfume onto a sheet of tissue paper and then line my drawers with them. It leaves a subtle fragrance on all of my clothes.

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By Liz
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Before applying make-up on, wash face with cold water to close pores so you wont get clogged pores and black-heads!! Also, i like to comb my hair in the shower when my hair is wet, and then put conditioner on. It makes hair SUPER soft, frizz-free, and managable!! Lip gloss tip: before you put on lip gloss, wet tooth brush and gentley brush lips so that dead skin gets off so that your lipgloss wont be clumpy!! =)

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By Laura
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The best scrub in the world to give yourself a moisturised, clean body is - to use brown sugar with baby oil in your shower. Alternative is to use white sugar add in your palm with some baby will get your baby smoothest skin back...its the cheapest scrub but so amazing!! TRY IT!! ^_^ best way to treat your beautiful body ***

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By Christine
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I live by two philosophies;1."you're as young as you feel,"and 2."you're never too old to learn." Also,if possible,avoid toxic people or family members and stay away from depressing news,music,movies etc. They are mentally draining and leave you feeling like life's a heavy burden.

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By Melanie
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We all know about layering our fragrances. How about layering our lipsticks. Try creating different shades by blending mattes and glosses. If a single shade doesn't work, no need to throw it out, combine it with others to create a better shade for you!

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By Samone
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Here’s a quick candle tip or two--put your votives in the freezer -- they will last twice as long and won't drip. For candle in glass, when they are down to their last inch, pop that in the freezer too. Then, you can take a fork to it and the wax pops right out. Add glamour and warmth to your home with the warm golden glow of candles. Candlelight can be used to softly lighten a dark space, provide romance, decorate a table and hearth. They are also great for lining the tub. Please enjoy your candles BUT keep safety in mind!

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By Dianna S.
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Not only does your skin dry out in cold weather, but your hair and scalp fall victim to dehydration as well. Try not to shampoo your hair more than once a day. To protect hair after showering a leave-in conditioner will work wonders to help make hair strands more pliable. Limit your use of hairdryers and curling irons and try shampooing your hair in lukewarm or cool water to lock in moisture.

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By Angela
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Ofertes de perfums, Colònia i fragàncies són només el començament. va ser creat per proporcionar als consumidors a escala mundial amb ràpid, excepcional, qualitat, servei. Ens dediquem a l'inventari més gran d'espelmes, la cura del cabell, cura de la pell, aromateràpia i més als preus més baix possible. Venedors top de actual són cool water, aqua di gio, dolce and gabbana light blue, coty. Li lliurarem el seu perfum favorit a la seva porta oferint lliure Estats Units d'enviament per a comandes anteriors $59.00 Només portem el nom de marca genuí perfums i colònies als millors preus barats baix possible. Absolutament cap imitacions o knock-offs. Subscriure's al nostre butlletí de notícies i nosaltres li enviarem l'exclusiva Cupons de Perfum. Comentaris dels clients sobre perfum, Colònia, cura de la pell i perfums de celebritat l'ajudarà a escollir la que més li convingui millor fragància. ha estat en línia des de 1997.