The ONE scent every woman should own

Posted by Assunta on Mon, 10/15/2012 - 5:30 PM


And our pick is...Mon Jasmin Noir L'eau Exquise by Bvlgari for women. First off, how gorgeous is the bottle? Simple yet classy, this perfume contains notes of lily of the valley, jasmine, and musk. It may just be the perfect women's perfume, ideal for a lovely evening out or feeling sophisticated for an everyday look. This fragrance has an intense aroma that is sure to draw the attention of those around you! Simply spritz some on you and know that you smell your best.

This is officialy a fragrance that every woman should own, not to mention the crazy good deal we have on it...go see for yourself! Let us know what you think of the scent! 

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From Runway to Real Way: Marc Jacobs' Bold Brow

Posted by Assunta on Fri, 10/12/2012 - 2:45 PM

This season for Marc Jacobs', it was all about the strong, bold brows (ok, and maybe the clothes too) but what captured our eyes were the models bold, structured brows. The striking beauty statement was inspired by 60's style icon, Edie Sedgwick, who was known for her large eyes and doll like eye lashes. 

Designers these days have been relying much on less lashes, more brows, and Marc Jacobs strong brow was no exception.

To get the look, you'll need:
Laura Mercier's double ended eye brow brush (pull apart)
Christian Dior's backstage makeup brow brush
Laura Mercier's brow powder duo

Once you have these tools and products, you can begin to achieve this look. 

First, you'll want to define and sculpt your brows with a brow brush
Fill in sparse areas and darken color with a brow powder
Lastly, add contrast by highlighting your brow arches with a brighter liner color

(Spring 2013 - Source: ImaxTree)

(Spring 2013 - Source: ImaxTree)

(Spring 2013 - Source: ImaxTree)

Shop the Seasons Hottest Trends...Easy!

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The transition from summer to fall just got a little easier! Shop our Fall Trends boutique for fragrances, beauty, hair care & more!