Fragrance Review: La Prairie's Midnight Rain

Posted by Dimitri on Wed, 04/29/2015 - 6:29 PM

In the fickle world of perfumery, serious perfumisti tend to turn their noses up at fruity floral fragrances... the glut of countless sugary-sweet synthetic fruity launches in recent years has seen us expect and look for more. Occasionally, however, a scent emerges which flies in the face of the norm... and La Prairie's gorgeous Midnight Rain is one of them. Presented in a twinkling flacon of darkest midnight blue, Midnight Rain is a fruity floral perfume which feels resolutely nocturnal!


Brimming with sensuous flowers - freesia, orchid, lily, and dark plum blossom - Midnight Rain is an overture to femininity. Dewy fruity accords of guava, mandarin and pomegranate provide a cornucopia of lip-smacking complexity, whilst an accomplished foundation of vetiver, patchouli, woods and musk hold aloft this fruiting/blossoming heart of colorful abundance. Midnight Rain is deep, seductive, and enchanting... a nocturnal Garden of Eden that flourishes under the waxing moon.

Few fragrances boast such quality and uniqueness... Midnight Rain is mature – but not elderly – and totally and wholly captivating.

Best worn at night...when its time to play!

Fragrance Review: Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Lys Soleia

Posted by Dimitri on Wed, 04/29/2015 - 6:19 PM

At the end of a long winter, don't you just love those days when you can detect a huff of spring on the air? That fleeting moment of solar warmth and the perfume of fresh blossoms cartwheeling under your nose? Well Guerlain have managed to bottle that joyous moment with their 2012 Aqua Allegoria release, Lys Soleia.



Lys Soleia is the epitome of temperate spring weather... a radiant floral that evokes sensations of sun on skin and thousand-colored flowers. A brief sparkling citrus facet is the precursor to a stunning assortment of flowers – heady lily, sensual ylang, and carnal tuberose. These notes are underpinned by soft, tropical fruity accords and a delectable cream/yellow ribbon of vanilla, which lends a velvet nectar-like softness to the scent. One can imagine the hum of heavy bumblebees floating by; their legs laiden with yellow pollen. The scent has a vanilla / musk trail that lingers for many hours.

Lys Soleia is enchanting and enveloping... a perfume perfect for all times and all seasons, and one which warms the heart and the bones... just like the onset of spring!

Self Tanner Tips, Tricks and Product Picks

Posted by Courtney on Thu, 04/23/2015 - 2:06 PM





A deep, radiant tan is one of spring’s biggest beauty staples, so if you’re dreaming of getting that topical bronze color, it’s never too late to get glowing now.

 Just like lipglosses, color balms, and lipsticks; there are many types of self tanners on the market. However, depending on how dark you want your color; one should always be aware of the type of product that best suits your needs.

 To start off any tanning excursion, it’s best to start with clean, exfoliated legs. Sure shaving can leave your legs velvety-smooth, but for best product application, it’s best to use a body scrub like the Aquolina Pink Sugar Glossy Body Scrub, ($3.99, to remove any dead skin cells.

To help you choose your ideal tanning product, we’ve rounded up different tanning products to try, for unbeatable color. Whether you want something light and sheer,or deep and tantalizing; here’s how to self-tan like a pro.

 Tanning Gel

Tanning gel formulas can give skin that healthy glow, without looking unnatural. Often non-oily, and setting in just a few hours, this product is great for those who are seeking just a glaze of honey bronze. For that sun-kissed look, we love using the Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel, ($29.99, as it’s shimmering formula absorbs into skin rather quickly.

Tanning Lotion 

Tanning lotions are great for those seeking buildable color, so if you are looking for that deeper tan, be sure to add tanning lotions or creams to your beauty shopping list. To achieve that tropical color, we’re crazy for the Fake Bake Platinum Face Anti-Aging Self Tan Lotion ($27.99, as it gives your complexion a youthful bronze without clogging your pores.

Tanning Mousse

Another quick and painless form of tanning, tanning mousses are great for achieving one-time looks instantly. Lightweight and best applied with a mitt, we recommend using the fast-acting Body Drench Quick Tan Instant Self Tanner Bronzing Mousse Medium/Dark ($18.99, for flawless medium-dark color.

Tanning Oil

 Best used for a light dosage of color, tanning oils give your body that light radiance you crave. Not as long-lasting as some other bronzing products, you can always spray on this oil throughout the day to rev up your color. For that sheer bronze, use the Christian Dior Bronze Self-Tanning Oil Natural Glow ($39.99, to get that natural-looking finish.

 Tanning Spray

Like tanning oils, self tanning sprays can help maintain your tan longer. Strengthening any existing color you may already have, a portable spray can enhance your bronze wherever you go. For a moisturizing yet effective spray, pick up the Guinot Self-Tanning Spray For Body ($33.99, for a healthy tanning boost.